Monday, July 8, 2013

Drawing near to God

I have now been gone for about a week and although it has been so great and I have experienced so much, I am hurting right now and am missing home very much. I have never been one to be homesick, but these past couple of days it has really gotten to me. I am spending so much time in the word and clinging to the Lord in these weeks. There is no way that I could get through it all without all the love and support from you all. There is absolutely no doubt that I am being pushed out of my comfort zone but as many people have told me, out of your comfort zone is where we really see the Lord. I could not be more thankful for this opportunity because this is where we are forced to cling to the Lord the most. The days here are very laid back, which is not my personality. I am very type A and I like to have a daily plan and things to fill my day, and here is the complete opposite. It will definitely take me a couple more days to get adjusted to the relaxed atmosphere and all the free time to fill with whatever I feel like I need to be doing.

Yesterday I woke slept late then fixed breakfast. I spent time in scripture and jounrnaling then headed out to the village for the afternoon. At the village I spent time with a family and helped the girls wash clothes, then I learned how to get water and carry the 50lbs jugs on my head!! Then, I helped picked greens out of the garden and walked around. While walking around, I met a very sweet lady who insisted I had some food with them. So as an afternoon snack I ate some smashed white ants. It was the most unique thing I had ever had, but again I am very thankful for every out of the box experience I have had thus far. Today, I woke up early and walked some girls to school at 7am. Then we came back to the house and rested and hung out until after lunch when we went to the village to see the girls during their lunch break. It stormed all afternoon and I spent lots of time at the girls house with their family during the afternoon. I came back to the house early with my heart heavy and my thoughts focused on other things.

These first couple of days have been very hard for me because it is way out of my comfort zone. I know the Lord is using me in mighty ways, but I just have to completely open myself up to see the things that he is trying to do. Thank you all for the encouraging messages and prayers. It means so much for ths support and love everyone has given me to be able to experience God on a level this deep.


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  1. Proud of you Lauren! It sounds like this will be such a growing experience for you, and full of lessons to take on to Ole Miss and beyond. I'm really enjoying reading your blog. Praying that you are able to focus on what the Lord is leading you to accomplish while there, and that you do not become too discouraged by homesickness. Love you!!