Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Understanding Appreciation of Family

To start off, I would like to do a SPECIAL shout out to the absolute greatest parents in the entire world,  and a Happy 24th Anniversary yesterday. I hated so much that I could not be there to celebrate with you. As I have been gone for 3 weeks now, I can truly sit back and realize that if nothing else the Lord has opened my eyes to greater apprecaite my family. Thinking back to from when I was little, there would be absolutely no way in the world that I would be the person I am today without having such Godly parents who always demonstrated Gods love to me in ways that I have never seen before. These past couple of days my family has really been on my heart, and I wanted to take some time to reflect over the things I have realized since I have been gone.

I will openly admit to anyone I AM 100% a daddy's girl:) After growing up and seeing how blessed I am, I have realize my faith has almost to a sense been triggered with having such a Godly earthly father. The phrase about your earthly fathering affecting your view of our Heavenly Father is so true. Daddy, I cannot thank you enough being the perfect dad to 3 girls. I know that is hard and I cannot begin to understand how you always knew exacly what was right all the time. Your ways of dsicipline are incredible. You always had the perfect middle of showing me grace for my mistakes but also showing me that there would be consequences. Thank you for not only allowing me to get involved in whatever I wanted, but also encouraging me and supporting me through everything I have done. You never ever let me back down from a challenge, and I know I got that trait from you. Thank you for loving God and making Christ the center of our household at all times. Thank you most importantly for always making sure I knew how beautiful I was, and for never allowing me to doubt anything about myself. There is absolutely no way in the world that I could ever be where I am right now without you promising me time and time again that God will give me peace when I needed it, that God is using me even when I can't see it, that God is good ALL the time, and for never letting me seek anything but the cross. Daddy, even though I am so much like you it is scary and we tend to argue, thank you for loving me with unconditional love and never letting me think I am alone.

I am for sure a daddy's girl, but I will always love my mom just as much because she is a super hero to me. Mom, thank you for always being there when I failed and needed someone to cry to and for when I succeeded and needed someone to celebrate with. Thank you for always making me sit down and rest when I over-booked my life and began to sink into the craziness of this world. You have always showed me that it is okay to rest, it is okay to say no to some things, and it is okay to take time for myself. Sometimes, I truly believe that you can make anything better even if it is the worst situation. Thank you so much for instilling in me at a young age that my beauty comes from nothing and no one but my Heavenly Savior. Thank you for worshiping Christ openly and showing me what having a faith of my own looked like. You and dad never forced anything on me and that to me made the biggest difference. Thank you for setting good examples for me and for not only allowing me to see right now wrong, but also showing me and explaining to me why it was right from wrong. Thank you for loving my heart of missions, and clinging to the Lord enough to let me travel the world without you. You truly have shown me what true love from Christ is all about.

I used to always think being the oldest of 3 girls was the absolute worst end of the deal, but the older I have gotten I realize what a privilege it is to be the oldest. I have had the ability to demonstate with my actions and with my mistakes to set good examples for them. Allison and Meredith, sometimes I know I am harsh and it may seem at times that I do not love you but I really truly do. Allison, thank you for doing random things with me. Thank you for making clothes for me and teaching me how to bake. You have given me a desire to be crafty even though I am not at all!! You are so incredibly talented in a different way than me and I absolute LOVE it. Mere, you are an absolute mini me. I can see myself through everythig you do and it is crazy to watch you grow up and involve youself in the same type activities that I used to do. Thank you for having the absolute sweetest heart I have ever known in my life and for over using the phrase "I love you honey bunches." You two have completely changed my perspective on life and I can promise you I am going to miss so much our constantly loud house and spending time with you two when I leave for college.

Needless to say, being away from home before leaving for college has been a blessing in disguise for me. It is allowed me to realize the impact that my family has made on me and the great amount of love and respect I have for all of them. I have been able to see how my parents have a huge difference in my life and more importantly in my faith that I try to live out day by day. I cannot thank anyone the the Lord Almighty for each and every blessing that He has given me. And as my daddy has sent me to time after time while I have been gone "God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good!"

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